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Animated gifs and Flash animations for banner ads and other web applications have been developed through the years.

The studio also offers training tutorials for in-house or online training films that show curser movement and contain sound narration, transition and sound effects and background music. The studio has 24 track recording software, midi instruments, drum machine and live bass, acoustic and electric guitars to develop individualized music production for timeline sequencing.

Prices vary per project.



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  Located near Asheville in the mountains of western North Carolina, Ramzilla Technologies is a digital design studio offering a wide range of technical services.

  Coldfusion Programming
Database Design
Website Development
Web Hosting
Graphics and Illustration
PrePress Layout and Design
Animation and 3D
Video Production


Illustration and design work for over 25 years has produced a wide range of projects. Ramzilla Technologies specializes in developing database driven websites, layout design, graphics and illustration for both print and the web.


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  Traditional Illustration  
  Traditional Illustration is offered as well and there are samples of past work at the following link. Pen and Ink renderings and acrylic or pastel paintings are developed from photos and sketches. Contact the studio to purchase prints or to commission work.
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